Happy Holidays Ape Fans! Welcome back to our new Talking Apes TV spin-off! For those of you who are just finding us let me catch you up: Talking Apes TV just recapped and broke down each episode of the live action and animated POTA TV series. But now since there are no more TV shows to argue over, we are branching off to talk with authors, actors and those in the Ape fan community.

In this episode we have a great discussion with E.C. Gaska, author of the short story ‘The Unknown Ape’ from ‘Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone’. He is also the author of the graphic novel, ‘Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes’. E.C. was currently tasked by Fox to straighten out the official Apes timelines for a more cohesive universe that contains many alternate “lanes”. If you’ve read ‘The Unknown Ape’, you’ll agree that FOX chose the right man!

We also read some emails from the Apes listeners who help us choose a name for this spin-off show since we are no longer just talking about the Apes TV series. And listener Mark De Vattimo sends us a holiday gift with an Apes inspired song, ‘Pianetta Della Schimmie’ from his band, Psychonaut!

And always remember, Apes Together Strong! Now Go Ape!

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