This episode of Talking Apes is dedicated to the bright center of the Apes fan community, Angela Rushmere, who has passed away. We, along with the many Ape fans, had numerous heartfelt comments that will be read on the show. 

Then in this episode we will be breaking down the 2nd unproduced Rod Serling script for the live-action Planet of the Apes TV series, Titled Episode 2. If you thought we argued last time, this will take us to UrkoTastic levels!


Ursus and his Security Force, which includes his 15 year old son, Zonda, head out to search for  Alan, Kovack and Galen and before long they find them.  

The renegades take off and in the heat of the chase, Alan knocks Zonda unconscious. Suddenly Alan, Kovack and Galen are aided by unseen assailants and the ape soldiers are forced to retreat.

These new “friends,” who are well cultured and live underground, are curious about Alan and Kovack who have befriended an animal, Galen. They want Galen, and Zonda who was brought with them, put to death until Alan demands they are put on trial to prove they are not as barbaric as the apes. 

Also with this episode, Mark says his farewell due to a heavy workload and career opportunities. Since Mark is a HUGE Muppet fan we have a special segment where we find Planet of the Apes and Muppet crossovers. You probably didn’t think there were any, huh? 

And Dr. Zaius has been putting in his two cents about the global pandemic as seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And Dana Gould’s YouTube channel. (Not sure why he chose Dana Gould?) We also learn what delicious snacks Zaius enjoys. 

Please follow along with us. You can find the remaining three scripts at: (look at the sidebar on left and go to ‘scripts and storyboards’ with the gorilla soldier icon) 

There were 8 stories written to be produced for the series. Only 4 are in script form and the remaining stories are just in synopsis form and can be found in Simian Scrolls issue 12:

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