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Welcome back, Skywalkers, we hope you had a great May the 4th Holiday. Thanks for sending in all your stories of how you spent this day which hopefully soon will be become an official school holiday!

The Star Wars holiday continued on throughout the week with an episode of ABC’s The Goldberg’s. Hear what we thought about this (time traveling??) episode and let us know what you thought of it. Did anyone spot a regular Skywalking guest? Yup, that was Obi-Shawn as Obi-Shawn waiting in line to see Return Of The Jedi.

Congrats Jess Defjam who won our May the 4th Giveaway! Now, who will win our Star Wars Weekends Giveaway? That’s right, we are announcing our next contest where one lucky winner will win an exclusive from Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. This new giveaway starts Monday 5/12 and goes through Wednesday 5/28. Which item will it be? Well, you gotta wait ’til we get there and we see what’s available. (Don’t want to make any empty promises).

To help celebrate Mother’s Day last Sunday, Margaret Kerry, the animation reference model for Tinkerbell, became our official podcast Fairy Godmother. In our new segment, Ask Tink, Ms. Kerry answers all your questions regarding her career at Disney, Tinkerbell or if you just need advice. Thank you to everyone who sent in your questions, she had a great time doling out her faith, trust and pixie dust.

We also want to wish Ms. Kerry a happy birthday! While we were recoding Ask Tink, we surprised her with a Captain Hook singing telegram. Captain Hook and TinkerBell in the same room? Hook started off by calling a truce and then regaled her with some personal songs. In the end, she said it was the “most exciting thing that has happened to her in years!”

What is an episode of Skywalking Through Neverland without it’s many fun-filled segments such as a round of ‘Never Tell Me The Odds Trivia Battle? The players – Robert Bapst (The Bald Solo Podcast), Scott Murray (Assembly Of Geeks Podcast) and Donald Wicks (Skywalking listener extraordinaire). Who won? Who scored at Gonk Droid level? Listen and find out!

And remember…Never land on Alderaan.

Our Guests

Disney Legend Margaret Kerry – Tinker Bell animation reference model and Skywalking Through Neverland’s Fairy Godmother!

Robert Bapst of the Bald Solo Podcast

Scott Murray – Creator and cohost of the Assembly of Geeks Podcast

Donald Wicks – Proud Rebel Legion member and Skywalking Through Neverland Facebook Admin

Episode 30: The After Party Star Wars margaret Kerry

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