Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight – The Tatooine Sojourn, Part 2


The Star Wars newspaper strips in ‘The Tatooine Sojourn’ were originally published from September 10 to November 5, 1979.

Previously in ‘The Tatooine Sojourn

After a mysterious transport pod carrying infectious squills lands on Tatooine, the Rebel Alliance sends Tatooine native, Luke Skywalker, to investigate.

Now, back to our story…

While adjusting some controls in the cockpit of his ship, Luke remarks to Threepio that just saying the name “Tatooine” makes him queasy. Threepio, surprisingly, is sympathetic, and replies that “My own circuitry bristles at the thought of a certain welder’s bench on Alderaan.” (I don’t know what this event on Alderaan was that traumatized Threepio, but I might hazard a guess that it’s the memory wipe Bail Organa ordered in Revenge of The Sith. But if it was, he probably wouldn’t have remembered the experience – JM)

Just as Luke is about to jump out of hyperspace, he receives a mysterious spoken message, “If you read me, do not reply! Go directly to Mos Eisley cantina! Ask for Anduvil of Ogem!” As Luke lands on Tatooine, he wonders aloud if the woman from the message was working with the Alliance… or laying a trap!

As Luke walks through the crowded streets of Tatooine with Artoo and Threepio, he marvels at how busy it is now. He points out that Mos Eisley’s docking bays has doubled, and so have the Imperial patrols. Threepio explains that since the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire has established a base nearby, and that Tatooine is now considered a hotbed of rebellion.

Luke reaches the entrance to the cantina, and orders the droids to remain outside. When Luke reaches the doorway, he freezes, remembering everything that happened the last time he was there.

Meanwhile at a nearby booth, a furry-faced alien takes aim with his blaster, but is suddenly hit in the arm by a blaster bolt, knocking his shot away from its intended target: Luke! A woman with spiky yellow hair, and wearing a skintight black and burnt-gold bodysuit stands up from the bar, holding a blaster. “He was going to vaporize you. You know him?” she says. “Sort of,” Luke replies. “He worked on-and-off for Jabba the Hutt. There’s an old grudge involved.” “So I’ve heard,” says the woman. “I am called Anduvil of Ogem!”

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Who is Anduvil of Ogem? Where do her loyalties lie? What will Luke find out about the mysterious transport pod? Find out the answers to these questions and more, next time at the Star Wars Newspaper Strip Spotlight!

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