Talking Apes TV 2: Escape From Tomorrow

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Hey Hey Ape fans! Thanks for listening to our first episode of Talking Apes TV last week. We are very happy to report that we are now part of the Shotglass Digital network. Talking Apes TV is the podcast that explores the Planet Of The Apes TV series and why they still stand up after 40 years.

This week we look at the second episode of the Apes TV series titled ‘Escape From Tomorrow’, which aired back on Friday September 20, 1974. Just to be forewarned, this is not a review show, but we do break down these Apes episodes so there may be some spoilers. But then again you’ve had 40 years and a few weeks now to see these. However if there is a big twist we will try hard to work around that so you can experience it yourself and get that WOW factor.

Look for a great conversation on this episode as well as a future BeastMaster.

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1 thought on “Talking Apes TV 2: Escape From Tomorrow

  1. I remember every second of this pilot episode. Thanks to your podcast I now know that Bobby Porter was in this episode as well as the Good Seeds

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